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Nigerians are in grave danger

President Buhari in his last National Address announced the ease of lockdown in Lagos, Ogun, and FCT from May 4, 2020 with strict compliance with the NCDC guidelines for living while the Coronavirus pandemic is still in Nigeria.

The ease of lockdown started today and Nigerians did not take chances. They trooped out in their numbers to attend to their businesses and other activities. In photos gathered, so many Nigerians neglected the rule of social distancing and it was like life had returned to normal.

Is the easing of lockdown what the government is supposed to do now, considering the multiplying number of cases daily? No doubts, the next one month or even two weeks in Nigeria will not be funny as NCDC might confirm more positive cases of the virus than ever.

We are advised not to follow the multitude. Stay home, stay safe. The government is supposed to relax lockdown when NCDC have confirmed a drastic drop in the number of regular cases. It did not go well with countries that relaxed their lockdowns while they had active cases of the Coronavirus did not find  as their cases skyrocketed than ever. Germany is a good example.

Here are pictures of some parts of Lagos and Abuja on Day 1 of the ease of lockdown.


  1. God should keep saving us. The government shouldnt have relaxed the lockdown

  2. The rate at which the virus would spread is going to be alarming, pls stay home and be safe